West Coast

Living on the West Coast

One of the attractions of the West Coast is its people.

As 麻豆视频入口鈥檚 least populated region, living in relative isolation in such a rugged environment, 鈥淐oasters鈥 are known for their self-reliance and independent ways.

People living on the West Coast enjoy a rural or semi-rural lifestyle while still enjoying access to a good range of amenities. With so much rainforest on the doorstep, tramping, hunting, kayaking, mountain biking and fishing are all popular local pastimes.

The Local College Faculty

All registrars belong to a regional faculty offering social and learning events, and providing peer support. Registrars who choose to study on the West Coast will belong to the Canterbury Faculty.

Examples of recent initiatives run the Canterbury Faculty include:

  • Subsidised places at the College Conference
  • Pre-election debate and discussion with local candidates from five different parties
  • AGM and dinner with guest speaker Guyon Espiner