Become a medical educator or teacher

A lot of general practice education is delivered to registrars by our GPs; people who perfectly understand what it鈥檚 like to work in this profession.

Become a GP teacher

To become a GP teacher, you need to:

  • be a Fellow of the College
  • work within a teaching practice (and be physically available on site)
  • hold a current practicing certificate from the Medical Council of 麻豆视频入口
  • have an accreditation visit
  • attend a new teacher's workshop.

GP teachers are paid for their work and use their knowledge and experience to provide tailored one-on-one guidance to registrars. Whether that鈥檚 through case reviews, video, role-play, sitting in on consultations, or case analysis of your choice.

Effective GP teachers are good listeners and can convey thoughts in an empathetic way while protecting registrars鈥 confidentiality. You will need to be culturally mindful of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and share knowledge of health equity.

Throughout the year, there are regional teacher meetings and all teachers at a practice hosting a registrar during that attachment are expected to attend. Attendance at these meetings is paid for by the College through a separate claim and count towards CPD points.

Become a GP teacher

Be a medical educator

Medical educators are contracted to the College and work across entire regions to guide registrars on the GPEP. They are experienced Fellows of the College who run seminars and workshops and carry out multiple practice visits to help make sure registrars' learning is based on the curriculum.

We advertise these roles in ePulse, the weekly member newsletter.

Dr Dougal Thorburn with a patient
Dr Dougal Thorburn with a patient.