Represent your profession

Our members serve as spokespeople for their profession on committees at the College and for other organisations like the Ministry of Health, PHARMAC, and ACC.

Dr Vanisi Prescott listens to a patient''s chest
Dr Vanisi Prescott listens too a patient's chest. Dr Prescott is a representative for general practice.

Hearing from specialists in the field of general practice and rural hospital medicine ensures decision makers understand how the profession works, what the capabilities and capacity are, and that they understand any unintended consequences of decisions before they鈥檙e committed to.

Members: let us know about your areas of clinical interest and we鈥檒l add you to our database. We鈥檒l get in touch with you if we hear of opportunities in your area of interest.

Organisations: apply for a representative for your committee.

We will use your application information to advertise your position to our members through our weekly e-newsletter.