Endorsement from 麻豆视频入口 means your clinical guidance, education programme, or event is considered relevant to general practice or rural hospital medicine.

Endorsement grants the recipient use of a College logo subject to terms and conditions.

The following topics will only be considered for endorsement if appropriate supporting evidence is reviewed by our Medical Director: Medicinal cannabis, abortion, euthanasia, The Lightning Process and Vitamin-C.

Please note, College Head of Faculties apply for endorsement via their Faculty Toolkit.

Read our endorsement policy

Endorsement policy

Levels of endorsement

CME endorsement

Measured against the College鈥檚 endorsement policy and criteria.

College Faculties should apply for CME endorsement through the Faculty CME application for single activity/event endorsement form.

If you are a pharmaceutical company and/or organisation offering education that is not based on standard practice, please email the endorsement team so we can chat about the best endorsement route for you.

Full endorsement
Reviewed against the RNZCGP Guideline Assessment/Endorsement Tool, and is considered relevant and important for use in 麻豆视频入口 general practice.

College recognition
Meets some of the standards required for full endorsement.

CME endorsement

Our members complete endorsed CME as part of their CPD programme requirements, and trust our seal of endorsement or recognition.

Endorsement is generally awarded to people and organisations supplying continuing medical education (CME) to develop and enhance practitioners鈥 knowledge, skills, attitudes, and professional judgement.

Endorsed medical education activities closely align with the Medical Council of 麻豆视频入口's (MCNZ) expectations of recertification.

Read our CME endorsement criteria

CME endorsement criteria

Types of CME endorsement

  • Provider endorsement

    Apply to be endorsed as a registered provider if your organisation is providing CME activities (online or kanohi ki te kanohi) on a variety of learning topics on a regular basis. Your courses might be available nationwide, in a specific region, or in a specific field of practice.

  • Event endorsement

    Apply for event endorsement if you or your organisation is offering a one-off activity or conference, or regular events.

  • Resuscitation endorsement

    Apply to endorse your resuscitation course(s) if your organisation is providing ACLS courses with content that is relevant and useful to general practitioners in 麻豆视频入口.

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College endorsement and recognition

The College also endorses clinical guidance from other organisations. This is different to CME endorsement which is related to education content.

Material submitted is reviewed against the RNZCGP Guideline Assessment/Endorsement tool, and assessed as relevant and important for use in 麻豆视频入口 general practice.

Submit your material for College endorsement.