Our voice

When we speak as the College it鈥檚 on behalf of our members. We advocate for general practice and rural hospital medicine issues to Government, politicians, other organisations, and media.

We are a trusted voice because we speak from experience. We use the voices of our people to inform our submissions, and back up our work with data and statistics, like those from our biennial Workforce Survey. We also fund research into general practice to help increase how much is known about community medicine.

GPs and rural hospital doctors work across Aotearoa 麻豆视频入口, often representing their profession on committees and groups, to make sure real-world health sector experience is added to policies and decision-making.

Documents like our position statements make it clear about what matters to us.

If you鈥檝e got questions about policy, advocacy, insights, or our data please email us at rnzcgp@rnzcgp.org.nz and we鈥檇 love to korero.