Rural hospital doctor puts down roots in Taranaki

By College staff writer

22 November 2022

Category: Rural


Each region of Aotearoa 麻豆视频入口 has its own unique character and history and that is part of the journey of discovery that registrars go on when they complete placements at practices and hospitals in rural centres. Some spots are so special that they draw people back.聽

That鈥檚 how Dr Marek Lang felt about Taranaki after he鈥檇聽 completed his placement at Hawera Hospital in 2020, and it was part of what drew him back there late last year into a permanent position.聽聽

鈥淢ost members of the team at Hawera Hospital ended up here after completing placements because they love the culture and community so much 鈥 we鈥檙e extremely tight-knit and that鈥檚 something I really value,鈥 Marek says.聽

The challenge of rural medicine is another big drawcard.聽

鈥淚 think many people go into rural medicine because they love the variety and challenge it offers and I was no different,鈥 Marek says.聽

鈥淪ome might assume that rural medicine is going to be a watered-down version of the medicine you practise in bigger cities, but I鈥檝e found the opposite to be true.聽

鈥淚n rural healthcare you have to take initiative and deal with the issues facing your patient, and that requires you to have a broad skill-set, but also to work collaboratively across the healthcare system to help remove some of the barriers to accessing care.聽

鈥淚n an inner-city emergency department you don鈥檛 often get involved in things like diabetes screening and treatment, but that鈥檚 the kind of thing we deal with on the daily here because it鈥檚 better for the patients if we try to do as much on the spot as we can.鈥澛

鈥淚t鈥檚 clear that for many rural patients, getting to appointments can be a challenge because of work and family commitments or access to transport, so we do the best we can to offer flexibility and support.鈥澛

Personally, Marek is thrilled to be settling and putting down roots in a region that is a good fit for his young family, who live in New Plymouth, just under an hour鈥檚 drive from Hawera.聽聽

鈥淓ach day I leave work feeling satisfied with what I鈥檝e achieved and like I鈥檓 making an impact, and although the additional travel time can be a little tricky to balance with a young family at home, I think our current lifestyle allows us to have the best of both worlds.聽

鈥淣ew Plymouth is a great place to raise kids, with a lot to offer in terms of environment, culture and housing affordability. As a rural hospital, Hawera offers me the kind of professional opportunities I鈥檝e always wanted, so I鈥檓 very happy here.鈥澛

Marek encourages any registrars interested in rural medicine to get in touch.

鈥淥ur team would really welcome anyone who is interested in joining on us on a placement to reach out 鈥 I know we could offer a really fantastic experience of what rural medicine is all about here.鈥