The 2023 College Award nominations are open

By Jamie Morris, Communications Advisor

14 March 2023

Category: College and members


The past year has been another big year for general practice. Now is your chance to celebrate the success of your colleagues by nominating them for a 2023 College Award.

The awards, which will be announced at will be announced at the in T膩maki Makaurau, recognise the hard work and dedication of exceptional general practitioners and rural hospital doctors.

Dr Samantha Murton, President of the College, says, "The College award ceremony is definitely a perk of the job. It gives me great joy to shake the hands of these exceptional GPs and say thank you for the work they are doing for their communities, the College and the GP workforce.鈥

Award categories聽

There are four categories:

  • Distinguished Fellowship: for outstanding services to the College or Division鈥檚 work, or the science or practice of medicine.
  • President鈥檚 service medal: recognises contribution to the College or Division, for example, as a Faculty or Chapter committee member, medical educator or long-standing employee.
  • Community service medal: recognises members who have made an outstanding contribution to general practice through work in their own communities.
  • Honorary Fellowship: given to individuals of distinction who have made an outstanding contribution to general practice or the medical profession in general. They do not need to be graduates of medicine.

Examples of 2022 award winners

Distinguished Fellowship, Dr Janine Bycroft
Dr Bycroft is a specialist general practitioner based in Auckland, and also the founder and CEO of Health Navigator NZ. College President Dr Samantha Murton said, 鈥淲ith so much misinformation online, it is so important to have sites such as Health Navigator NZ being kept up to date with science, and evidence-based information that has been reviewed by trained medical professionals.

President's Service Medal, Dr Rachel Thomson (Tairawhiti)
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Thomson (Te Wh膩nau-膩-Apanui) has been an outstanding leader for her iwi, extending her support to neighbouring iwi who are rural and isolated by providing frequent online and in person communication and clinical support for very remote populations around the East Coast.聽聽 For the College, Dr Thomson is a long-standing Medical Educator and has been extensively involved in the recent curriculum review and ensuring M膩ori health is taught and examined as registrars train to become general practitioners.聽聽

Community Service Medal, Dr Matire Harwood (Ng膩 Puhi)
Dr Harwood has a passion for improving M膩ori health and reducing health inequities. She does this by working as a general practitioner at Papakura Marae Health Clinic in South Auckland and as a Senior Lecturer in M膩ori Health at the University of Auckland where she teaches students and acts as a supervisor for M膩ori doctoral students.聽