2023 College Board election

30 March 2023

Category: College and members


The 2023 College Board Election is open until Friday 14 April. Make it count and vote now.

Nominated candidates

The College received two nominations for the vacant position of elected College Board member. There is one vacant role. The nominees are:

How to vote

Members eligible to vote should have received an email from support@verovoting.com.au on Monday 20 March with the details and a unique link to the online voting portal.

Voting opened at 4.00pm on Monday 20 March and closes at 4.00pm on Friday 14 April 2023.

Voter eligibility

Voting members of the College are set out in鈥痵ection 11 of the College Rules 鈥 College members鈥 Duties, Rights, and Privileges

Election timetable

  • 20 March: Voting opens for the 2023 College Board Election
  • 14 April: Voting period closes
  • 21 April: Announcement of the election of the Board member
  • 22 July: Elected Board member and President take office at the end of the AGM


If you have any queries about the election, candidate eligibility, voter eligibility or the voting system, please email鈥elections@rnzcgp.org.nz鈥痑nd we will be happy to help.