Continuous Quality Improvement

Nau mai, hoki mai koutou! The College鈥檚 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module allows practices to demonstrate their work towards improving health outcomes. The module, which is completed in six steps, asks practices to identify an area of improvement in their work and apply a structured quality improvement model (such as a plan-study-do-act [PDSA] cycle) to track progress.

Although incorporating equity into the CQI project is important, it is not the focus. Projects also don鈥檛 need to be successful to make for great examples because learning and recording lessons for future work is also great practice.

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CQI pre-assessment project outline form

This form will help you work out whether your CQI project will fit the bill. Practices can fill in the pre-assessment form and share it with their College-endorsed CQI assessor before making a start.

Maori mother and daughter consult with Pasifika GP
A child is checked by Dr Mary Taola while her Mum watches on

The benefits of completing CQI

Completing the module benefits practices by:

  • Showcasing your practice鈥檚 work towards improving health outcomes.
  • Developing the confidence and skill within the team to make quality improvement processes part of business as usual.
  • Empowering practice staff so that their improvements can directly and positively affect their patient population.
  • Improving your practice鈥檚 service delivery, safety, and efficiency.

Good planning and preparation are important, and the College is always available to support and answer p膩tai.

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