July 2024

4 July 2024

Category: GP Voice


News from the College

  • Editorial
  • College advocacy work: A month in review
  • New College CE, Toby Beaglehole
  • Spotlight on: Wellington Faculty
  • Quality in practice: Botany Junction Medical Centre
  • GP24 is just around the corner!
  • Budget 2024: College response
  • Asthma and climate: A quiet revolution in clinical practice
  • Assessing prescribing practices

Views of our Fellows

  • Mind This: When things go wrong
  • The story of the donated Fellowship gown
  • Healthify: Simple, trusted health information to get through winter

Voices of the Sector

  • Keeping your practice cyber safe
  • Update on 麻豆视频入口 Doctor Rata Aotearoa
  • New research reveals pressures on general practices
  • Type 2 diabetes: Patient education and support in primary care
  • Improving access to dermatology specialist care
  • Radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules
  • Pegasus Health addressing environmental sustainability in primary care