Showcasing member highlights through the Annual Report

By Jamie Morris, Communications Advisor

11 August 2022

Category: College and members


The annual report is our chance to highlight the great work of our members and the College.聽聽

Last year, we worked hard to showcase a range of member activites and stories (while still including the statutory requirements like the financials) and modernise the design. This year we improved that further through:聽

  • developing a digital and interactive version聽聽
  • theming and naming the annual report聽
  • elevating聽 Te Reo further
  • incorporating stories into the photo captions.聽

Our digital and interactive version聽聽

We've always had the PDF version loaded to the website, but we wanted to have something a bit more modern and interactive this year, and聽 something people could read easily on a mobile.聽

People read less online, so this version is condensed down to what we think are the best highlights of the year. As you scroll through, there are options to click on different pieces of content or watch videos of our members.聽

Check out our digital annual report here:

Theme and name聽

This year we introduced a theme of adaptation and titled聽 the annual report 'adapt 'on the front cover. We liked the idea of giving the report a name rather than just calling it an annual report and feel it summarises the year.聽

We chose that theme and name because as a membership, and a College, we changed and changed again to support 麻豆视频入口 through another year of the pandemic.聽 This year our members adapted to vaccinating for COVID-19 鈥 often in increasingly novel ways - and then adapted again to manage COVID-19 themselves in their communities.聽

Using more Te Reo聽

We continued to elevate Te Reo this year by incorporating more words throughout the content and translating the chief executive鈥檚 and president鈥檚 messages. The聽 messages in two languages run alongside each other, as opposed to English on one page and Te Reo on the following page to show that both languages are of equal importance.聽

Incorporating stories into the photo captions聽

We always use photos of College members rather than stock images, and this year we decided to take the opportunity and write the captions into more of a short story, rather than just "Dr XXX from Taranaki."聽 The captions tell more of a story about their passions as a GP.聽

Below are some examples.聽

Dr Jason Tuhoe in his consultation room
One of Jason Tuhoe鈥檚 great passions is supporting the revitalisation of Te Reo M膩ori, 鈥淪everal of my consultations are conducted entirely in Te Reo, especially for my older patients as speaking their first language is more natural. It puts them at ease and helps me deliver better, more holistic care.鈥
Dr Vanisi Prescott listens to a patient''s chest
Splitting her time between work at a suburban Auckland medical centre, and a day a week as the on-site doctor at Mt Roskill Grammar School, GPEP registrar Dr Vanisi Prescott loves the opportunity to get to know her patients. 鈥淵ou can get to know your patients over time, understand them and follow up with them. I have a lot of special interests, like youth health, sexual health, and cancer care, and being a GP lets me combine all of these.鈥