Why rural hospital medicine?

A rural hospital is not a general practice. It delivers responsive secondary care and while it鈥檚 connected with other hospitals it has fewer resources. Doctors who work in rural hospitals have a wide range of knowledge and care for a diversity of patients.

Dr Tom Dawson
Dr Tom Dawson enjoyed the Rural Hospital Medicine Training Programme, "the training has been amazing. I鈥檝e get to do a bit of everything because you never know what鈥檚 going to come through the door," says Dr Dawson.

Be an all-rounder with extended skills

As a rural hospital doctor, you will have lots of skills in your kete, a wide knowledge base, and be ready to help people in both primary and secondary care. You will be an important part of your community as you work with other medical specialities and community services to help people manage their health.

Work as part of a team

You will work as part of an inclusive team where everyone has each other鈥檚 backs. You will rely on and support your colleagues and be multidisciplinary yourself, drawing on a wide range of skills and knowledge to take care of your patients.

Live next to the beautiful maunga and awa of 础辞迟别补谤辞补听

You will be in demand and will have your pick: live next to the golden sands of Northland, or the maunga of Central Otago? The flexibility of your mahi will mean you can spend more time exploring outdoors, or with your tamariki in beautiful rural Aotearoa.