March 2024

28 March 2024

Category: GP Voice


In this issue of GP Voice:

News from the College:

  • Editorial
  • College advocacy work: A month in review
  • Improving your asthma prescribing, health and climate change
  • Specialist GP telehealth consultations: revised position statement
  • DRHM celebrates a record 10 new Fellows
  • Applications still open for 2025 general practice and rural hospital medicine training
  • Te Ahunga and welcoming the 2024 GPEP registrar cohort
  • 2024 College awards: Nominate your peers!
  • Addressing burnout: the College鈥檚 approach

Views of our Fellows:

  • Ka Hono: Waikato鈥檚 Collegial Support Programme
  • Spotlight on: Northland Faculty
  • Mind This: Coroners report colchicine suicides
  • Building community through art
  • ADHD: our knowledge and attitudes towards it

Voices of the sector:

  • Harmony heals: The 麻豆视频入口 Doctors Orchestra
  • Conference season kicks off with the Goodfellow Symposium
  • Headway: Supporting patients with brain injuries
  • WONCA: World Family Doctor Day